Petroleum Diesel vs Biodiesel

Biodiesel has many advantages over petroleum diesel. The main one being cleaner burning fuel that is more environmentally friendly. The next being the use of organic by products as part of the fuel. Another favorable advantage is biodiesel's high lubricity and solvent attributes that reduce wear and tear on engines as well as cleaning out old engine oil deposits. Using biodiesel also lowers our dependence on foreign oils and other non-renewable resources that are harmful to the environment. Biodiesel does have some drawbacks. Biodiesel itself, at the moment, does not produce as much power and is less fuel efficient. Also biodiesel is currently not as readily available, as probably will most other alternatives in the future as well as breaking away from oil dependency could take some work and time. Biodiesel has lower cold weather gelling points and could be troublesome in very cold weather with the use of additives. Biodiesel, like petrodiesel, is also accompanied by fumes and possibly a unique, pungent odor as well. One of main drawback of biodiesel is its production of nitrous oxide which is part of what is called smog, which most people in California will understand is a great problem. However it's great reduction in air pollution counter balances this and biodiesel, even if just a blend, should be used where petrodiesel currently is used where applicable with generators and engine.

What Fuels Biodiesel Generators

Biodiesel generators are fueled by clean, renewable resources that are more environmental friendly. Biodiesel is made from the combination of organic oils such as soybean, canola oil, or other waste vegetable oils with other products to create and alternative fuel similar to petroleum-based diesel fuel.

This is why it is termed the 'green fuel'. Because biodiesel is made from renewable resources as well as being able to be produced from waste vegetable oils, this allows us to use waste materials in an efficient manner. Not only is air pollution reduced but we can now use waste products to produce energy. Now that is efficiency. Biodiesel is usually blended with petroleum diesel to form a mixture that still has benefits of both types of fuels. Biodiesel can also be used in it's 100% form without any blending. Biodiesel blends are great for vehicles that use diesel but are also great for home or business generators as well. Because it burns much cleaner that other fuels, there is less hazard from gases produced from burning the fuel. Many newer diesel generators and cars can use biodiesel without a huge upgrade.

Biodiesel Generators and the Future

The future of biodiesel is uncertain, but it's increased usage is most likely as everyone is looking to break off the dependence on foreign oils and look for more environmental ways of producing energy. Foreign oil will remain king of energy sources for quite some time to come but biodiesel will make it's case. As a clean, renewable resource, biodiesel already has a good starting point and as more research is done on better utilization of biodiesel, more and more people will start using it, especially in the home standby generator and RV generator markets. As it becomes more readily available as a fuel source, biodiesel generator usage can increase greatly. However, there are a few issues that could limit biodiesel's growth. These include research being done on other renewable fuels like hydrogen that could reduce the excitement and potential of biodiesel use. Still biodiesel will become part of the energy market as a good way to produce energy from waste vegetable oils and other oils as well

Biodiesel Generator Tip

Even using blends of biodiesel including B20,a 20% blend of biodiesel and 80% petrodiesel, has tax incentives. Check local, state, and federal bills to see where you can save money.

Biodiesel Generator Uses

  • Some diesel cars are able to use biodiesel which will greatly reduce air pollution
  • Using biodiesel generators for homes and RV's can greatly reduce air pollution, prevent hazardous by products, and offer tax incentives
  • Many businesses are using biodiesel as part of their energy source