Coleman Generators

About the Coleman Brand of Generators

Coleman Powermate specializes in various sizes and performance abilities of portable generators. They have small generators with only 3 horsepower up to 25 horsepower. Plus they also manufacturer permanently installed PowerStation emergency backup power systems that range from 10kW to 32kW. All portable models range in wattage from 0 to 8000+, and each model has similar features like protection for the control panel, handles for easy maneuvering, idle controls and gas consumption controls. Superior performance, reliability, and durability are just a few of the words one can use to describe these excellent generators.

Coleman Generator Models

Coleman Contractor Series




Coleman Home Back-Up Series




Coleman Recreational Series




Conversions and Transfer Switches

Yamaha has made arrangements with two vendors to supply propane and natural gas fuel conversion kits direct. Propane and natural gas have benefits over gasoline in some applications, such as idle systems that save fuel when a load is not connected. The use of propane may decrease the output of your generator. Propane and Natural Gas conversion kits are available for certain models. Kits are provided by manufacturers, and its important to know if you purchase a Tri-fuel kit, it will allow the generator unit to still function on gasoline. In addition, the unit will be able to use propane or natural gas as an alternative fuel.

Eco-Friendly? Well, Almost.

The 357cc Yamaha 4-stroke OHV engine was certified to the most stringent California Air Resources Board Tier III exhaust emission regulations and durability levels. All heavy-duty models have been USFS-approved, concerning their spark arrestors. Yamaha generators have been manufactured with the current economic downfall in mind. Though most of their models run off of gasoline, they are in the works to produce and introduce the world to many eco-friendly models for the future.

Coleman Generator Categories

There are 3 categories Coleman places their portable generators under; The Contractor Series has 7 different models that vary in wattage, horsepower and features. They are perfect for job sites and home back up situations. These generators range from 3,250 to 17,000 watts and 7 to 25 horsepower. Some models run on 389 CCs and feature idle controls. Model PMC601200 is the only one in this series that is approved in California. The rest are 49-state compliant. The average run time is around 7 hours at 50% strength and warranties last 2-3 years.

The Home Back-Up Series has 13 different models to choose from and each is perfect for home back up situations. The wattage ranges from 2,300 to 8,750 and each model varies in size of gas tanks from 3 to 8 gallons. The average run time for this series is 10 to 12 hours at 50% strength. All models feature a low oil shutdown to prevent damage to your generator. Horsepower ranges from 5.5 to 12. Some models are approved for Canada, some are approved for California and the others are 49-state compliant.

The Recreational Series makes up the 3 remaining models Coleman offers in generators. These smaller generators are perfect for camping, tailgating or running small household appliances. All 3 feature sturdy carrying handles on both sides making maneuvering much easier. They are light weight and the engines are 3 and 4 horsepower. They hold between 1.3 and 1.5 gallons of gasoline and range from 1,100 to 2,250 watts.

Benefits of Using Coleman

One of the best things about Coleman is that there are so many choices of generators. Even though most portable models are capable of performing for the same reasons, the variance in wattage and horsepower is extremely high. All Powermate portable generators are designed and tested to the highest standards. Coleman only uses the best component parts and engines from Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Yamaha make up the hearts of these generators. They are also one of the few companies that manufacture and permanently install emergency back up systems.

Drawbacks of Coleman Generators

Unfortunately these generators also produce carbon monoxide which makes them ineligible for running indoors. Not all models are approved in all 50 states and Canada. This can be a potential problem for a consumer wanting certain features. There are also certain parts like brushes, rubber feet and receptacles that are not covered in the 2-3 year warranty. Also parts and warranties are available exclusively through engine manufacturers. You will have to get into your phone book and call service shops that are willing to work with your warranty when something needs replacement.

Tips Before Buying a Coleman Generator

It’s very important to know what your specific needs are before you pick out a generator. You should remember to include a large gas tank, since gas is what makes it run. The generator head produces the power and is rated in watts/wattage. Many people buy their first generator without really researching their wattage needs. This often leads to purchasing a generator that does not have enough power to get you through an emergency or weekend camping trip. It’s always a good idea to sit down and list the reasons for wanting a specific generator. You’ll be happy you did when the time comes.