Fischer Panda Generators

About Fischer Panda Generators Inc.

Fischer Panda Generators manufacture generators that are the only 100% fresh water-cooled asynchronous generators on the market. They are quiet, small and lightweight and these generators are for AC and DC applications in Marine, Military or Commercial and specialized vehicle use. The range of applications vary from offshore, to onshore applications such as broadcasting vehicles, RV’s, mobile medical vehicles and homeland defense units. They're known as “The most powerful generators you’ll never hear” and it’s truly an understatement.

Fischer Panda Commercial Generators

These generators are designed for commercial applications such as RV’s, buses, mobile medical units, broadcast and hospitality vehicles and homeland defense units. Fischer Panda has produced the AC Generators PVMV-N Series and the DC Generators AGT Series, and all models are at a super quiet sound level of 58 decibels at 7 meters.

The AC Generator PVMV-N Series generators are provided with either a horizontal or vertical, super silent stainless steel sound capsule on the 15kW and 20kW units, or a fiberglass capsule on the Mini 8kW and 12kW units. Standard features on all models include remote control panels, cable, electric fans and fan speed microprocessors that are perfect for all of your broadcast, recreational, medical and homeland security needs.

The DC Generator AGT Series generators are designed to provide DC current power to the battery bank of the inverter system. These models save up to 70% of running time and 70% fuel requirements. They also feature automatic start/stop functions which minimize the risk of battery discharge.


Fischer Panda Marine Generators

There are three different series provided in the Marine line of generators. The AC and DC generators, as well as the Custom Generators ensure that you will have the power you need while offshore. There are 6 AC Diesel Generators models that have a AC range of 4 kW, 6kW, 8kW, 12kW, 16kW and 22kW. The DC Diesel Generators range from 4kW and 6kW and offer direct DC driven generators that address all of your personal requirements. Powered by Kubota engines, they are small and lightweight- the 4kW weighs only 175lbs and the 6kW model only 265lbs. Both feature a standard fiberglass sound shield, and custom kilowatts and voltage is available on request. The Custom Generators are meant for Super Yachts, and for applications that require 30kW and higher. The custom shop manufactures generators up to 100kW utilizing engines from Mercedes, Cummins, Perkins and John Deere suppliers. All custom gensets are built with aluminum and stainless steel, with multiple access doors for easy service and extreme low noise levels. They're available for almost every application and come in many different voltages and frequencies.

Fischer Panda Military Generators

One of the best features of Fischer Panda’s Military generators is that they're 4 times quieter than the current military Tactical Quiet Generator (TQG) systems, and they provide generators to fit your specific shelter needs. Current shelter solutions include generators of 10kW and 18kW that are also compatible as trailer mounted systems. Trailer mounted systems are built to provide full power in battlefield conditions and designed to be HMMWV towable and C130 transportable. Standard arrange of AC trailer mounted generators are from 10kW to 50kW, with larger gensets available upon request. Also, they're available as AC and DC.

AC generators range of water cooled gensets out power air cooled gensets of the same weight and size by up to 50%. They are super efficient and utilize an asynchronous water-cooled electric plant. The rotor is without windings, brushes and diodes, and has fewer moving parts which reduces maintenance time and expenses. They produce a near-perfect sine wave which is crucial to today’s military sensitive electronic equipment.

The DC range represents the finest in battery charging military grade DC generators available and range from 3kW to 8kW. They also use AGT, or Advanced Generator Technology and are very smart generators that super charge batteries when they're low, then shuts off automatically when done charging. The sound level is an amazing 57 decibels at 7 meters, making it the quietest among Fischer Panda generators.

Fischer Panda’s Newest Model

Built in conjunction with World Cat, Fischer Panda has introduced their first model of 2009, the 290EC that features the Panda 4200 Plus as a standard generator. Special features of the 290EC include a separate, enclosed head with access from the cabin and cockpit, walk through Euro transom, ample storage room, and comfortable cabin space.