Chosing A Gas Generators

When it comes to generators, gas powered ones are still reliable and powerful as some of their counter parts. Gas generators are available for many functions including marine, RV, portable, and backup applications. Because of the many different fuel types available, gas generators are not as dominant as in the usage in mobile vehicles. Diesel, propane, natural gas, solar power, wind power, and biodiesel are all different ways of producing energy that take away from a possible dominance of gas generators. Although, gas generators still have many advantages, the drawbacks of using gas over other fuel types will eventually lead generators to be fueled by other sources.

Why Choose A Gas Generator

A gas generator has the main advantage of fuel being very accessible, although not very cheap. Many power tools and other equipment use gas for fuel including lawn powers, chain saws, and air blowers because of the access to gas and the power produced. Gas can be stored in different fuel containers of different sizes which makes portable gas generators very efficient. Marine and RV vehicles can use gas generators to match the fuel types used in those applications as well. Gas also produces a reliable amount of power and is dependable. These are the major advantages of choosing a gas generator.

Why Not To Chose A Gas Generators

There are way more reasons why not to chose a gas generator than there are to chose one. First, gas is not friendly to the environment and produces a lot of Greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Second the price of gasoline has risen greatly over the years and most likely will not go down to prices of past years. This high price combined with the limited availability of gas during emergencies like hurricanes, makes using gasoline for emergency, standby, or backup generators very inefficient. Nobody wants to have to go purchase gas after an emergency situation when natural gas can be supplied straight to the home in some instances. Gas generators are not the best options for home or business generators due to high prices and the availability of more efficient options like natural gas, propane, and solar.

Gas Generator Tip

Gas is a great option for portable generators due to the use and different compact size of containers. Gas is also a good option for vehicles that already use gasoline for engines.

Portable Gas Generators

  • Honda Portable Generators from 1 kW to 10 kW
  • Guardian Portable Generators from 15 kW to 17.5 kW
  • Onan Portable Generators from 2 kW to 6.5 kW