Guardian Generators

About the Guardian Brand of Generators

Generac Power Systems Inc, owner of Guardian® products is another company that specializes in power generators. The Guardian® line of products includes mainly consumer power generators but also has some commercial power generators. The Guardian® line of power generators includes high power, automatic home standby generators fueled with natural gas or LP gas, RV power generators, and the Guardian UltraSourceT portable generators. Guardian® power generators are good products and worth their value as they are also durable. What is most interesting is their continuing research on power generators including a bi-fuel power generator which has some interesting aspects. More information can be found on their corporate website.

Guardian® Home Generators

Guardian 7 kW Home Generator

Guardian 10 kW Home Generator

Guardian 13 kW Home Generator

QuietSource Air-Cooled 16 kW

QuietSource Liquid-Cooled 20 kW

QuietSource Liquid-Cooled 25 kW

QuietSource Liquid-Cooled 35 kW

QuietSource Liquid-Cooled 45 kW


Guardian® Portable Generators

Guardian Ultra Source 15000

Guardian Ultra Source 17500


Guardian® RV Generators

Primepact 50 RV Generator

Quietpact 40 RV Generator

Quietpact 55 RV Generator

Quietpact 65 RV Generator

Quietpact 75 RV Generator

Quietpact 75 Diesel RV Generator


Guardian® Elite Commercial Generators

Elite 20 kW Generator

Elite 25 kW Generator

Elite 35 kW Generator

Elite 45 kW Generator

Elite 60 kW Generator

Elite 70 kW Generator

Elite 80 kW Generator

Elite 100 kW 5.4L Generator

Elite 100 kW 6.8L Generator

Elite 130 kW Generator

Elite 150 kW Generator

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Guardian RV Generators

Guardian offers a variety of RV generators to suit the needs of many travelers and commercial users. These RV generators are quality products with a wide area of service areas making them good choices.


Guardian Portable Generators

Guardian's new line of portable generators, ULTRA SOURCE, provides many uses for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Non Commercial Guardian Generators

Guardian power generators come in three different types for non commercial use. For the home, the Guardian home standby power generator comes in 3 varieties. There is the normal Guardian line offering 7, 12, and 15 kW powered air cooled generators. There is the Guardian Elite that offers 20 to 40 kW powered, liquid generators that provide enough energy to power larger homes. Then there is the QuietSource with 11 up to 45 kW with extra sound reduction to meet most noise restrictions. For RVs, Guardian offers 3 types of products, the IMPACT® Series, the QUIETPACT® Series, and the PRIMEPACT® Series that offer up to 7.5 kW with gas, LP gas or diesel. Each series is designed for different RV sizes and power needs. Guardian power generators also includes two portable models that offer 12.5 kW and 15 kW of power to meet a lot of different needs.

Commercial Guardian Power Generators

Guardian offers a good selection of high power commercial generators for smaller businesses to larger ones. The Guardian Elite includes liquid cooled engines offering 30 kW to 150 kW of power. The parent company of Guardian, Generac offers some high quality commercial units. The QT series of natural gas or LP gas fueled engines offer from 15kW to 150 kW of power enough for most small and medium businesses. Their Modular Power System offers even more power, up to 1500 kW for big businesses with great power backup needs. As you can see the company does not dabble in the field of power generators but is a huge player which offers both quality residential standby power generators, RV power generators, as well as high grade commercial ones. Learn more about all Guardian power generators.

Guardian Generator Tip

Most cities and housing associations have sound limits, when thinking about purchasing Guardian residential
power generators, check the decibel level as Guardian does have a very low noise producing generator.

Guardian Models

  • QuietSource 5211 - offers 20 kW on natural or LP gas for residential homes with very little noise
  • QUIETPACT® 55G 04702 - gas fueled RV power generator offering 5.5 kW and low noise
  • QT series - commercial grade power generators with power and durability
  • Ultra Source 17500 Generator - A powerful, portable generator