Honda Generators

The reliability of Honda in a generator

Honda brings the dependability and durability of the Honda engine to the world of generators. Honda has become a huge name in the car industry but not too many are aware of Honda Power Equipment that powers everything from lawn mowers to snow blowers to power generators. There are also generators that provide a reliable, portable power source for a variety of uses. These generators are portable and ready for recreational, commercial, and RV operations and have various features for additional benefits.

All of the company's generators also comply with EPA and CARB standards and have great added features to ensure maximum usability and longer lifetime of the generators. The endurance of their generators have made them the official generators of several events including Daytona International Speedway and Fiesta Albuquerque as well as being a choice of many construction and rental companies as well. It is easy how the Honda name has slightly grown to power generators.

Honda Super Quiet Generators

Honda Super Quiet EU1000i Generator

Honda Super Quiet EU2000i Generator

Honda Super Quiet EU3000is Generator

Honda Super Quiet EX5500 Generator

Honda Deluxe Generators

Honda Deluxe EM3800S Generator

Honda Deluxe EM5000S Generator

Honda Deluxe EM5000isAB Generator

Honda Deluxe EM6500S Generator

Honda Deluxe EM7000isAB Generator

Honda Deluxe ES6500 Generator

Honda Economy Generators

Honda Economy EN2500 Generator

Honda Economy EG2500 Generator

Honda Economy EG3500 Generator

Honda Economy EG5000 Generator

Honda Generators Categories

Honda's line of generators consists of 5 different categories with diverse features and specifications for performing numerous routines. The Honda Super Quiet series offers generators in the range of 1,000 to 5,500 watts that have low sound output at the rated load which makes these generators prime options for recreation and home usage. These generators are efficient, lighter in weight, and provide enough power for power tools, kitchen appliances, and other items as well.

The Honda Deluxe series comes in the range of 3,800 to 6,500 watts and includes many distinct characteristics. Some models in this series include fuel meters, simultaneous AC/DC control, and electric start to name a few. These extra qualities are what establish these generators as ideal options for home and portable power requirements. The Honda RV line currently incorporates two generators, the EV4010 and EV6010, both of which provide 4000 watts and include Twin-cylinder OHC liquid-cooled Honda engines.

The next Honda line of generators is the EB Series of industrial generators that range from 3,000 to 10,500 watts. These generators include attributes for extended usage and sturdiness like the full G.F.C.I. circuit protection to withstand daily usage in commercial applications like equipment leasing and construction. These are the more expensive generators due to their power and high end parts.

The last line of Honda generators is the economy series, EN and EG Series, that range from 2,500 to 5,000 watts. These Honda generators do not consist of any additional qualities but rather are comprised of trustworthy Honda components that produce power. These are the main selections for Honda generators and the firm may choose to add more or discontinue other brands in the future.

Limits of Honda Generators

Honda is renowned for their engines but in the generator field, Honda is not as prevalent. This is due to the fact that Honda generators are mainly portable options that require a transfer switch to connect the portable generator to a house or business. Honda generators are not as broad in range as say Onan or Guardian which have comprehensive types of generators from standby to marine to RV.

Honda also does not have a wide range of wattage ratings for its generators. A company dedicated to generators often has a high range of wattages ranging from 15 kW and up for more advanced and consuming processes. These are the major drawbacks of Honda's line of generators. Honda does have exceptional portable generators for residential and commercial use but for higher wattage needs, Honda generators are not as dominant.

Honda Industrial Generators

Honda Industrial EB3000 Generator

Honda Industrial EB3800 Generator

Honda Industrial EB5000 Generator

Honda Industrial EB5000i Generator

Honda Industrial EB6500 Generator

Honda Industrial EB7000i Generator

Honda Industrial EB11000 Generator

Honda Industrial EW171 Generator

Honda RV Generators

Honda EV4010 RV Generator

Honda EV6010 RV Generator

Honda Home Generators

Honda HP2S Generator


Honda Generator Tip

Before purchasing a Honda generator, carefully plan the wattage and any possible usage carefully. Although most Honda generators will be sufficient for many purposes, some are just better for specific ones. For example, for a construction corporation requiring remote power, the industrial series would be better while for camping trips, the quiet series' low sound output would be more preferable.

Honda Generator Models

  • Honda Super Quiet EU3000is - 2800 rated watts with 59 dB at rated load for power with less noise
  • Honda EB11000 - 9500 rated watts with a Honda overhead, air cooled engine
  • Honda RV generator EV4010 - Liquid cooled Honda engine RV generator rated at 4000 watts