Hybrid Generators

Hybrid generators are located within hybrid power systems and include another form of energy production, such as solar, wind or hydro energy. The two systems, work together to gain the maximum amount of energy, and include a computerized controller (which controls the operation, usage and energy production), batteries (where the energy is stored), combustion engine, DC generator, and a DC to AC Inverter (which allows the energy form either the wind/solar/hydro power to be connected directly to the generator).

How Hybrid Generators Work

Regular electric generators run continuously at high/fixed RPM’s, even when the demand is low, which results in large amounts of fuel being unnecessarily used. With hybrid generators, they sense and automatically shut down when a demand is low. When the demand increases, the generator automatically starts up again, but runs at a minimum RPM, only using what the demand is calling for.

Types of Hybrid Generators

There are two types of hybrid generators for you to use; grid-assisted and off-grid. Grid-assisted hybrid systems use both electrical grid and alternative energy sources, storing the extra energy in the batteries. The best part about grid-assisted hybrid systems is that even if there’s no sun, wind or water to pull energy from, the generators can gain power for the energy stored in the batteries. Off-grid hybrid systems provide alternative energy separate from the grid and are the sole provider to the amount of energy stored in the batteries. They are great for remote locations, and don’t rely on utility companies or grids to be close. Plus they don’t consume electrical energy, which is awesome for the eco-friendly user. The only downfall to these systems is that you do rely on the sun, wind or water constantly, so hopefully you're in a location that receives one of these alternative sources frequently.

Onan Goes Hybrid

Cummins Onan is a leader in the generator industry. Recently they have introduced three Hybrid models for RVs that offer you up to 20% in fuel savings. Now, it’s important to note that these models are run on diesel fuel, because your generator’s fuel must match your RVs fuel. (Unless your RV is a hybrid, your generator will need an additional fuel source). However, they act as hybrids, as each models power system manages the battery, shore power and generator all together, while a single control provides you with an automatic mode. The smart transfer switch monitors power quality, and the high quality, pure sine wave electrical output prevents damage to your appliances. Models 810 HQD, 1215 HQD and 1218 HQD can be found on their website for further information.

Benefits of Hybrid Generators

The method of how hybrid generators work comes with many benefits such as:

  • Low fuel consumption

  • Lower need of maintenance

  • Reliable electric power

  • Off-grid systems don’t rely on electrical grid and be located anywhere worldwide

  • Grid-assisted systems have a guaranteed power supply at all times