Hydrogen Generators

Currently, our society relies on foreign oil to meet many of our daily needs. Not only that, but foreign oil also supplies the means for our national security. Does this make any sense at all? Not really and to increase our national security and meet our daily needs we need to make some changes. One of the best changes to make would be to a hydrogen economy. There are many benefits to this and it really should be considered.

The first benefit is that our country could rely on itself and provide power no matter the situation. This mean relying less on the oil from other countries and more on the power source created in this country. Hydrogen is the best option and it can be easily created through fossil fuels, nuclear power, or renewable energy.

Hydrogen is a much cleaner option for providing power to generators and is a top choice for keeping the environment clean, reducing green house gases, and other deadly fumes. Our environment is not a renewable resource, so it should be protected and a hydrogen economy would promote that.

Finally, cleaner air can finally be had by all Americans if hydrogen is used as the basic form of power as opposed to oil. If you live in an area that still has clean air you might not be able to appreciate it, but as it becomes more and more polluted you will.

These are just a few of the major benefits of having a hydrogen powered economy and they are strong points that might help this country become more self efficient by using hydrogen.