Marine Generators Compared to Other Generators

A marine generator has many similarities to other types of generators. It is designed to run on fuel types like gasoline and propane and run a number of applications depending on the wattage rating. A marine generator should be sized according to the number of appliances, tools, or other accessories that will be using it in order to be safe. The main difference between marine generators and other types of generators is the design of both outer and inner components. Other generators should not be used near water and can even become less efficient in moister environments like near the ocean or lake. Marine generators are designed to handle use on water. They are designed outside to better protect inner components from water. Inner components are designed to handle wetter environments and can include hydraulic pumps, class H insulation, highly non-corrosive material, and other features designed for sea water pumps, water use. These are some of the reasons boats require marine generators for electrical power and other types like portable generators will not functions as well.

Marine Generator Brands

Onan Marine Generators

Kohler Marine Generators

Westerbeke Marine Generators

Fischer Panda Marine Generators

Mase Marine Generators

NorPro Marine Generators

Northern Lights Marine Generators


Choosing a marine generator

For many avid boaters, there is a big decision when deciding on how to power the electrical equipment on a boat. Deciding on an inverter or a marine generator and the many features takes time and research.
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Kohler marine generators

The Kohler line of marine generators has increasingly developed over the years to include a very low CO producing generator. The Kohler line is also known for value and dependability, however there was an lawsuit over generators produced by cheap Kohler design choices that still keeps the company's image negative.
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Why use Marine Generators

For boats of all sizes that require some electrical power not straining the boats battery, a marine generator is one of the best choices. From running mini-fridges, air conditioning, and other appliances, a marine generator comes in very handy. Some uses of marine generators include powering fish locating radar, powering small appliances like toasters and radios, and powering lighting equipment. A marine generator can come in handy during fierce storms where electrical power can provide some needed functions. For avid boaters, marine generators become a must have item instead of just an extra feature.

Marine Generator Safety

Like other power generator usage, marine generators also require safety measures as well. Marine generators produce pollution which includes carbon monoxide. Some marine generators do a great job at minimizing the amount produced but most produce some amount. Carbon monoxide can buildup when the boat is stationary in the cabin or around areas where people are located. This can lead to poisoning or death. Even when the boat is moving, carbon monoxide can buildup in the cabin or there areas and lead to poisoning. Some generators come with automatic turn-off switches for high CO levels. For those that don't installing CO alarms to detect buildup can prevent serious injury. Like other engines, marine generators can overheat or short circuit causing damage to the boat and other electrical systems. A lot of marine generators have automatic safety features to insure this does not happen. For those that do not, careful monitoring of the generator can help prevent injuries. All boats should have a fire extinguisher as well for possible fire related issues. The marine generator should be stored in a location where it is best protected from water, where sea water pumps can be removed, and where overheating will not ignite any flammable products.

Marine Generator Tip

If feasible, purchase a marine generator with a digital display. This will help provide efficient energy and fuel usage, keep marine generator usage safe, and insure longer lifetime of the engine.

Top Marine Power Generator Brands

  • Kohler Marine Generators - very good brand offering low emission, long lifetime marine generators
  • Westerbeke - long time maker of quality marine generators
  • Onan - a good brand with many different marine generator options and feature