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Natural Gas Generator: Cleaner, Cheaper, and Efficient

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Natural gas generator usage should generally increase as it is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Compared with oil and coal, natural gas generators produce lower emissions of nitrogen, sulfur, and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Natural gas generators also do not produce a pungent odor like a gasoline or diesel fueled one would. For people with homes powered with some natural gas, the comparison of the gas bill and the electricity bill will definitely show how much cheaper gas is. Even though natural gas electricity generation is used much less in homes, mainly for ranges, oven, heating water, and others, a natural gas generator can save up to 40% more than gasoline and diesel. Now that we know natural gas generators are cleaner and cheaper, it is not hard to see that they are more efficient. For residential and business electrical power generation using natural gas, the fuel supply is already supplied and there is no need to purchase extra fuel and store it. Gas lines are already in place, delivering natural gas that can be used by power generators. For a portable natural gas generator, fuel storages similar to propane tanks for many barbecue grills can be bought and transported fairly easily to remote areas to provide electrical energy

Natural Gas Generators

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Natural gas is a very efficient fuel for powering emergency or portable generator. When it comes to providing power at an affordable cost, natural gas is probably the best for non-renewable resources. Coal is the only cheaper non-renewable resource that provides adequate energy, but coal is a very pollutant and riskier to obtain as seen in all the mining accidents. Natural gas is obtained similar to oil in that it is drilled for and transported usually in liquid form. The liquid form is distributed to different areas and turned into gaseous form and delivered to larger city pipelines and then even smaller ones to local residences and businesses. A natural gas generator has this distinct advantage over a lot of other generators since the source of fuel is already delivered with already installed pipelines. Natural gas generators also have a lot of other advantages as well.

Natural Gas Tip

Many natural gas generators have automatic start and automatic transfer switches. These two items allow the gas generator to automatically determine if there is a disruption of energy and to automatically use the pipeline of natural gas to fuel the generator and provide necessary electrical energy. These are two useful features to have.

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Natural Gas Generator's Future

The future of natural gas generators looks promising as more and more people are trying to help the environment as much as possible. Although natural gas does emit pollutants, it is much cleaner than other fuel sources. As more research is being done to free the world's dependency for electricity from coal and oil, many areas currently using these forms of fuel are trying other methods which includes increased usage of natural gas. Natural gas generators in cars, portable generation units, home and business electricity units, and many other products will increasing rise in use. Although natural gas is not the perfect fuel replacement, it is a good cheap and clean alternative that should rise significantly in generator usage.