Northern Lights Generators

About Northern Lights

Northern Lights/Lugger used to be known as Alaska Diesel Electric Inc. and was founded by Harold Johnson in 1958, originally selling boats and marine related products. They then ventured into the snowmobile business, pioneering it until the late 1960’s, when they finally began making land-based generators. In 1975 they began manufacturing propulsion engines and today they are known worldwide for their reliable, durable and simple marine power generators. They have three lines of products; the Marine, Land-Based and Lugger Series.

Northern Lights Lugger Generators
These marine propulsion engines range in size from 30HP to an amazing 900HP to get you where you have to go-quickly. All engines are diesel and designed for uninterrupted operation on commercial vessels. They have worldwide recognition for their performance, fuel efficiency, reliability and long-life dependability. Operation and maintenance costs are low and each model features a turbo charger, exhaust manifold, engine oil cooler, 24V starter, gear driven seawater pump, auxiliary drive, belt guard and heat exchanger.

Northern Lights Marine Series

These models range in size from 4.5kW to 520kW, and there is a complete line of 50Hz and 60Hz marine generators that are powered by Lugger diesels and used primarily in commercial fishing boats, high performance yachts and passenger vessels. Each model features a high copper content within the brushless generator end that enables the motor starting. Plus, each one features a hand-wound stator that makes electricity with a symmetrical sine wave for today’s sensitive electronic equipment, and a corrosion-resistant epoxy coating to ensure protection against offshore elements.

The Marine C-Series has been designed for commercial vessel owners and each model is powered by Lugger diesel engines. There are 7 models that range from 20kW to 175kW, with an option to combine these generators to other Northern Light gensets that range from 5.5kW to 520kW to integrate power systems for larger vessels. Based on tractor engines, each of the seven models feature a low end torque that’s needed to start large electric motors, plus a safety shutdown system and special replaceable cylinder liners to make the rebuild process less of a hassle and cheaper in cost.

Northern Lights Land Based Generators

It all began with the Land Based line of industrial generators, and these models range in size from 5kW to 400kW. They are mainly for portable, prime or standby applications and each model meets the US EPA Tier II emissions standards. Features include 60Hz and 50Hz models, 3-cylinder engines, 1800/1500 RPM, AC terminal strip, AC and DC circuit breakers, DC relays and automatic AC voltage regulators. They also feature 120/240V, and each model is equipped with a self venting fuel system, unit mounted control panel and is ready for connection to your electrical distribution system.

Northern Lights Clean-Sep

This is a filteration system to help keep your cruising grounds perfect on your vessel. The fiberglass wet exhaust treatment solution is the newest innovation for clean, efficient energy production on the market. It addresses the issue of water sheen associated with a diesel generator and binds hydrocarbons to a filter system while discharging clean, clear water. It’s been designed and manufactured by Centek and is compatible with any of Northern Lights generators in a variety of applications. This system is also Lloyd’s Certified and ABS Type Approved to represent the state of the art marine power it gives consumers. It’s located between the lift muffler and output for easy access and installation.

New to Northern Lights

The newest product to hit the market, released April 1, 2009 is the model M944T, and is a leader in power density in the 32-40kW range. It produces a conservatively-rated 38kW at 60 Hz (1800 RPM), or 32kW at 50 Hz (1500 RPM), and is based on a heavy-duty industrial block engine for optimal marine performance. It features a cast iron, two-pass exhaust manifold that promotes even temperature control and is formed of sturdy cast iron. Also, it features a cupro-nickel heat exchanger that is built with removable end caps for easy cleaning. Plus, the gear driven seawater pump is self-contained with no unreliable belts, and the turbo charger is fresh water cooled for safety. All systems on the M944T are designed to provide reliable power production in a small space. At 38kW, the M944T is smaller than some competitors’ 32 (no names), and because power is produced at a low 1800 RPM, the engine’s wear is reduced dramatically.