Onan Generators

About the Onan Brand of Generators

The Onan company has created power generation products for quite some time. Onan's current ownership by Cummins Inc., an experienced builder of diesel power generators, has given their product a big boost. This relationship offers a wider range of distributors and repair service to the Onan brand of generators. This makes their customer support service for their products bigger which means customers in need of repairs and services are able to find them easier. Onan has many power generators for many functions that have key features for ease of use.

Onan Home Standby Generators

Onan RS 12000

Onan RS 15000

Onan RS 20000

Onan RS 45000


Onan Marine Standby Generators






















Onan Portable Generators

Onan HomeSite 2400

Onan HomeSite 3500

Onan HomeSite 5500

Onan HomeSite 6500

Onan RV Generators

Onan Quiet Diesel 5500

Onan Quiet Diesel 6000

Onan Quiet Diesel 7500

Onan Quiet Diesel 8000

Onan Quiet Diesel 10000

Onan Quiet Diesel 12500

Onan Marquis Gold 5500

Onan Marquis Gold 6500

Onan Marquis Gold 7000

Onan Marquis Platinum 5500

Onan Marquis Platinum 6500

Onan Marquis Platinum 7000

Onan MicroLite 2500

Onan MicroLite 2800

Onan MicroQuiet 3600

Onan MicroQuiet 4000

Onan Camp Power 2500

Onan Camp Power 2800

Onan Camp Power 3600

Onan Camp Power 4000



How Home and RV Onan Generators Work

Onan creates many different types of power generators for different uses. These include home, RV, marine, commercial mobile, and portable power generators. Onan offers standby home power generators with 11kW, 15kW, 20kW, and 40kW power units that run on propane or natural gas for different needs. Onan RV generators offer many different power ratings and easy management. With many different models including extra quiet models with up to 4kW of power to other models up to 7kW of power, an installed RV power generator for smaller RVs, and many extra features like energy command panels for easy power management, RV service centers nationwide, and www.funroads.com for many Onan RV products and services, Onan makes a good choice.

Portable, Commercial Mobile and Marine Generators

Onan also provides many other different generator uses. Onan offers 2 portable models of the power generator for quick power needs. Onan also offers marine power generators. Onan's marine line of power generators is very excellent with both diesel and gas powered systems with up to 99 kW for diesel and 10 kW for gasoline. These marine power generators also offer other features like a digital display for ease of use. Onan's commercial mobile line is another popular choice. Their power generators used for mobile business uses such as emergency response teams. construction, and others offers many different features for ease of use and long durability. Learn more about all Onan generators

Onan Generator Tip

The Energy Command™, is a feature of Onan RV power generators that offers easier power management with panel or remote control.

Onan Generator Models

  • RS20000 - 20kW home standby power generator
  • HomeSite Power 2400 - 2kW portable unit for quick power needs
  • Marquis Platinum 5500 - high power Onan RV power generator with many features