Sizing up RV Generators

Like other power generators, when selecting a RV generator, there are different types with varying power and other options. An important factor is what needs to be powered and how much wattage is required. Also, a very important factor is the size of the RV power generator themselves. For smaller RVs, a smaller RV generator will be more efficient where as a larger RV power generator is better for bigger RVs. Buying quality brands that will last as long as the RV is the best choice when selecting a power generator, which makes durability a very key factor as well.

Using RV Generators

RV generators are great for travelers because they provide power to electrical units. RV's are great for roads trips but they are even better if you have a good supply of electrical power for appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves, mini-fridges, and other necessary units as well. RV power generators are great for any size RV and are really reliable for road trips and camping. Note though that RV's are special vehicles that require special RV power generators and may not be compliant with portable power generators. Having a specialist perform necessary refinements is usually required.

Great Features of RV Generators

RV generators should have some very good features. To start is low fuel consumption with high energy output. Because RVs are meant to travel to remote places without power sources, having a RV generator that is efficient will save money and time. Next, for avid campers, many camp grounds have noise limitations and RV generators that do not meet these standards are pretty much useless. Other good options include easy maintenance points for easier repair, electrical systems like electric start and electric fuel pump, and safety mechanisms like automatic fuel safety and high oil pressure shutoff.

RV Generator Tip

Camp grounds have noise limits, make sure RV power generators meet required camp ground noise limits.

Top RV Generators

  • Honda - very dependable, durable
  • Guardian - long time maker with good product
  • Onan - very good brand with many different RV power generators anf key features