Silent Generators

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A Quiet Generator

Generators are not quiet in any means especially as the amount of energy provided goes up and the engine gets bigger. There is not 100% silent generator but many generators do have features to help reduce the amount of noised that reaches the outside world. From residential, marine, and RV generators, there are many models that have special materials and designs that keep the noise produced by generators at a minimum because no one wants to listen to a high whirling noise all day on a boat, RV, or sitting there at home. Most people who buy a generator for the first time do not consider sound reducing features until the generator is run for a while. This is when silent generators are fully appreciated over regular ones.

Who Needs Silent Power Generators

There are a lot of reasons why silent generators are better options for many situations. Looking case by case starting with residential generators, noise reduction can be very important here. No one wants to hear a noisy generator that makes as much noise as a lawnmower. It becomes annoying especially if the generator is running for hours. Silent generators can help reduce the noise to that of central air conditioners or lower. For RV and marine vehicles, the same issue needs to be addressed since the area is more enclosed and noisy generators will seem much louder and be more annoying. Small businesses also should consider silent generators as to not bother customers.

How Generators Reduce Noise

Silent generators use special equipment and designs to reduce the amount of noise produced. Special sound absorbing materials are used to enclose generators to reduce noise. These special materials are poised as either part of the generator or extra add-ons in the form of sound shields or sound guards that. Some silent generators will also have exhaust mufflers with fully enclosed exhaust silencers. Different brands have many different sound dampening techniques including Onan's RV series which uses constant engine speed to keep engine noise low along with sound shields. These are just a few of the methods used for noise reduction in silent generators.

Business Silent Generators

Businesses can also take advantage of standby generators as well. A business that can run during an electrical outage with minimal setbacks will have an advantage over any competition. Having standby electrical power will save a business money and keep the business secure by powering all security systems, registers, gas pumps, and anything else that can be vital. In areas where blackouts are more likely to occur, a standby generator can be a business saving tool. Larger businesses like hospitals, banks, and casinos have industrial sized generators that are different from those used in smaller businesses due to the nature of the need for a fully secure electrical supply but all businesses no matter the size can really benefit from standby generators.

Silent Generator Tip

Many housing associations, cities, and municipal have noise limits that could prevent the use of some residential generators. Before purchasing a generator, check all local laws.

Silent Generators by Use

Residential Silent Generators
  • Onan RS 45000 - 66.3 dB at 7 meters
  • Guardian QuietSource 11 kW - 62.2 dB at 7 meters
  • Kohler 30RES with Sound Enclosure
RV Silent Generators
  • Guardian QUIETPACT® Series
  • Onan MicroLite/MicroQuiet
  • Honda EV6010
Marine Silent Generators
  • Onan e-QD Quiet Diesel
  • Westerbeke Sound Guard SST
  • Kohler Low CO Emissions Generators with Sound Shield