Solar Powered Generators

Solar Power Generation: The Basics

Solar energy is one of the most promising alternative green energy sources because of the amount of energy available. The sun produces a massive amount of energy that no man made unit can match, and a small portion of this power comes through to the earth in sunlight. The rays delivering the sun's energy provides both power and heat that can be collected and changed to other energy types like electricity. The saying "It's so hot you can crack an egg and cook it on the sidewalk", shows how the sun's energy can be delivered. Instead of sidewalks, solar steam generators use the sun to heat water and produce steam to run electrical turbines. Another method of solar power generation that is very popular is using photovoltaic devices. These devices are designed to use photovoltaic cells, or solar cells, to convert solar energy to DC electricity. There are many ways to collect solar energy including solar panels, parabolic troughs, solar dishes, and solar power towers with reflecting mirrors. Solar collectors are either labeled as nonconcentrating or concentrating. The concentrating collectors use panels which are angled to absorb the best point of the sun's direct rays. Nonconcentrating are better for areas with lower amounts of direct sunlight and absorb the sun's energy rays from direct and different reflecting angles. Solar power generation is still under heavy research for better materials and ways of collecting the energy from the sun and using solar generators to produce electricity and heat.


Solar generators for businesses

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Solar generator for your home

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Solar Generators : Different Applications

Solar power can provide many applications for homeowners, businesses, and industries. Current solar power plants are minimal but the number shall grow as new technology and desire for an environmentally safe energy supply is needed. Stirling Energy Systems is one of the big names with a contract with Southern California Edison and other utilities to provide solar power. This solar power is delivered to utility companies and used by consumers for daily electrical applications. For homeowners, solar panels can be used both as heating and electrical power generators. Solar panels can be used to transform sunlight into electricity to power lighting, air conditioning, heating systems, and many other applications. Solar pool heating is a great example of a residential application with a tax incentive as well. A solar system can pay for itself in less than three years if used in certain ways to save on energy costs. Business can also use solar generators to provide lighting and other electrical power for business applications. Some businesses receive special tax incentives for providing alternative energy sources. Businesses that require lighting, heating, and electricity can save a lot of money using solar generators efficiently. Cogeneration using solar power can cut energy costs in half along with providing tax incentives for businesses. These are just a small portion of the many applications available for solar power.

Solar Generators Tip

Solar power generation comes with many federal and state tax incentives that will increase savings already provided by increased energy efficiency. Many homes and business currently are not taking advantage of these benefits and need to talk to their tax accountant about these tax incentives.

Best Locations for Solar Generators

The southwest states are some of the best for using solar power generators. Solar power there is higher than other areas of the US. It is no coincidence that two of the top states are in desert surroundings. To view your state's solar power resource check out poweredgenerators.com solar power resource by state.

  • Nevada - provides some of the nation's best area for both types of solar collection
  • Arizona - probably the best location for solar power generation throughout the state
  • New Mexico - a great location throughout the whole state for solar generators

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power Generation

Solar power generators have few disadvantages and many advantages over most fuel types. Lets look at what is holding back solar power generators from being a major supplier of energy all over the world. First, sunlight is sporadic and the amount provided to a solar cell will vary. This sporadic nature causes the addition of more cells which increases cost or some energy storage techniques. Solar panels are also unsightly at times on homes and other buildings. A lot of areas are not as effective for solar power generation and other techniques are better suited for these areas. Solar power generation is still also more expensive than other methods of electrical production. Fossil fuels and other energy production methods still are much cheaper to produce. Solar cells also require an inverter to change the DC electricity to AC electricity to sell back to utility companies or use to power larger applications.

The advantages of solar power generation gives hope to the future of this green energy. Solar power is a free power source that has not emission or pollution to worry about. Solar power produces no pollution or dangerous fumes. It is truly an environmentally friendly energy source. The environmentally safe nature of solar power is one of the best advantages over fossil fuels. As technology and research come to play, the collection of solar power will increasingly be more cost effective and become more competitive as more users demand solar generators and the price of other fuels gradually rise. Solar power can also be used to provide heating and electricity for homes and businesses. The increased energy savings, especially during peak energy seasons, along with great tax incentives will pay for solar systems in no time. Tax incentives for businesses that provide alternative energy or for homeowners using solar power like in heating pool, can greatly increases energy savings. New technology in portable solar cells and those for different vehicles will increasingly raise the usage of solar power. These advantages will gradually increase as research makes solar power generation more productive and cost effective.