Solar Powered Generators For Your Home

Using Solar Power Around The House

When it comes to using a clean source of energy like solar power for homes, there are many applications that can take advantage of this free energy source and the increase in energy savings will be noticeable, especially during an energy crisis. Lets analyze the house from outside first and examine the possible uses for solar power generators. Pools are great additions to homes that sometimes require heating for extra benefits. Solar power can be used to heat outdoor pools instead of electricity. This application of solar power is a great example. Outdoor lighting is also great options for solar power generation. Because outdoor lighting can absorb sunlight during the daytime and use this stored power at night, there is no need to leave outdoor lights off just to save on energy cost anymore. Now lets take a look at some indoor solar power usage. Solar cells can be used for water and space heating, indoor lighting, and electrical power for appliances. Most residential homes will have grid tied systems that use PV systems to provide energy when efficient and use the utility companies supply when there is not enough solar power. Thus all indoor appliances can be somewhat powered by solar power cells including air conditioning, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Solar cells can usually power anything that requires electricity around the house.

Solar Cells Home Installation

Most residential homes will require PV systems that are usually attached to the roof as plating or shingle type solar cells. Before considering solar power, the first decision should be if the particular area provides enough solar power for specific energy needs. Solar cells can provide enough energy to power some but not every appliance in most areas. Once the amount of energy desired from a PV system is determined and the size of the system is measured, checking state and local laws including homeowners associations is necessary. From there, a solar contractor will install a grid-connected solar system that can take advantage of local utility energy use as well. Those applications that require energy can be supplied from the PV solar system when there is enough energy and use the utility company when there is not enough solar energy. Most of these applications however require AC power that is produced from running the DC power produced from PV systems through an inverter. For homeowners, there can be several areas of solar cells for heating pools, indoor systems, and other areas as well.

Residential Savings With Solar Power

Solar power use in homes can lead to lot of savings from energy use as well as from tax incentives. Using solar power in a grid connected system has very good benefits and consistent energy use. Solar heating and power generation in homes, no matter how slight, can lower energy consumption from utility companies. Excessive solar energy is sold back to the utility company through net metering and consumers are given a credit for this energy. Thus access solar energy is stored by the utility company like a battery. Outdoor lighting can be virtually free using solar lighting systems that power up during the daytime and light up at night. There are federal, state, and local tax incentives and even grants to help consumers get started. The http://www.dsireusa.org/ website can help locate these incentives. All these savings can add up to become very significant over the years. During energy crisis where electrical costs nearly triple, these savings can help many families get by and the value of solar power systems will be most appreciated.

Home Solar Tip

Because solar panels are sometimes not the prettiest site on a roof, there are new technological advances like shingle type solar cells, build in solar skylights, and even possible solar paint. New homebuilders should consider some of these options.