Considering a Wind Generator: Starting Points

Wind power generator

Before considering a wind generator, there are many points to consider and many options to verify in order for effective use. The most important is to consider the amount of energy you need. For small power needs like battery charging, there are portable wind generators that will work in most areas like construction, camping, and other areas in need of minimal amounts of energy. For more energy needs, larger wind turbines are needed and the location becomes vital. Classes are used to measure the amount and power of wind produced in an area. The next point to check is if your area produces efficient amount of wind. Different wind power turbines require different minimum classes. Most areas with a class of 1 is usually efficient for most applications. To check your area, check the US Department of Energy's Wind Map. Once you have confirmed your area is efficient, next is to determine the local laws of having a wind generator. Wind generators require being placed above most buildings which means they will stand out. Many housing associations and cities may have rules regarding this that need to be checked. After these, the local utility company should be contacted to insure that they have no rules regarding the use of wind power as extra energy. After all these points have been considered, next is to find a reliable wind generator which could be the hardest part. There are a few companies that offer good win generators but will be costly to start but should make up this cost over extended use, especially with increased energy prices. If you would like to purchase wind produced energy in your home without having a generator, great option for environmental minded people, there Green pricing, Green markets, and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that are all options of helping increase the use of clean, renewable energy.

Wind Power Generators: The Basics

We all need power, that is not an option. However, there is an option that comes into play with how we receive our power. There are currently some great ways one can power their generator that is not only environmentally safe but economically sound and sustainable. These are important aspects to consider, especially when it comes to one's power source. This is what gives wind powered generators a great advantage over other generators. Because the wind produces kinetic energy to produce electricity, there is no bi-product produced, which means no pollution. There is no fuel to purchase and maintain, just some wind to move a wind turbine. Wind powered generators can produce quite a large amount of energy as well, up to 3,000 watts and more. They are great for remote areas like cabins, remote camping, sail boats, vacation homes, and other applications as well. Wind powered generators will be harder to come across than normal fuel generators but there are many useful applications for them including charging batteries and powering small appliances and tools. Many remote farms and electrical facilities have wind farms that are used to harness power in areas of high wind. Because wind generators are more useful in areas where there is more wind being generated, there are many factors to consider before purchasing or building a wind generator.


Will a wind generator work for you?

Before deciding to go when a wind generator system, there are many factors that will help determine how effective wind power will be. These include state, location, zoning laws, and a lot of factors that can determine how much a wind generator can help save money. - Read article


The Dark Side of Wind Power

Every story has two sides, every issue has two opinions, and all types of energy have drawbacks or cons that need to be addressed and wind energy, as one of the most touted renewable energy sources, has to be fully examined before the world starts planting wind farms all over the place. - Read article


Offshore Wind Farms

With the push for renewable energy sources, wind farms, both onshore and offshore, have been making major progress in development all around the world. The UK, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Ireland have all had effective renewable, clean energy production through offshore wind turbines. - Read article

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Powered Generators

There are many pros and cons to consider when it comes to wind generators, but the benefits definitely out weigh the is-advantages. Lets start with the cons.

First wind is a natural occurrence that cannot be controlled. Therefore, the amount of wind and energy produced will vary from day to day. This means that another source of energy needs to be turned on when wind power goes down and this is usually a fossil fuel based station. Turbines also often stand out because they have to be placed in high areas or take up large areas of land in wind farms. There have also been complaints with some wind generators on noise and the possible effect on television reception. There are also reports including the so called "wind turbine syndrome" which causes people living near wind farms to have headaches and other illnesses because of the vibration and low-frequency noise. More aerodynamic designs and technology will eventually minimize this problem. Wind turbines also affect animals in many ways including killing of birds and bats. Extensive research is done before wind farms are placed but more information needs to be procured on the effects on animals long term.

Now we get to the many advantages, with the most beneficial being the conservation of the environment. A wonderful benefit of wind powered generators is that they are environmentally friendly. They do not produce gases or other by-products like other generators do, that poison the environment and anybody that happens to be nearby. There are enough pollutants in today's society, so choosing a wind powered generator is an environmentally sound choice. Another benefit is that wind energy is harnessed free of charge. Of course you must invest in a generator, but imagine how much money you will save over the years by not paying for electricity? There are also great incentives like tax breaks and lower utility bills that increase these savings. The next factor is that wind is a renewable energy source that will not run out like other sources like oil and coal. with all these advantages and the knowledge of a personal contribution to saving the environment, using just a small amount of wind power through wind generators or purchasing green energy can greatly help.


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